Course Descriptions - Food Engineering BSc

Analytical chemistry, MTBE7009

Animal physiology, MTBE7005A

Baking and pasta technology, MTBE7035A

Basic principles of food mechanics, MTBE7011A

Basics of quality management, MTBE7010A

Biochemistry, MTBE7007A

Chemometry, MTBE7043A

Dairy industry technology MTBE7027A

Economic sciences I., MTB7020A

Economic Sciences II. MTBE7024A

Economic sciences III. MTB7026A

Electrotechnics MTBE7006A

Environmental management MTB7015A

Food analytics MTBE7023A

Food chemistry, MTBE7014A

Food colloidics MTBE7012

Food hygienie MTBE7030A

Food Industry Economics MTBE7025A

Food industry technologies and quality assurance MTBE7031A

Food microbiology MTBE7024A

Food Physics MTBE7003A

Food process control system, MTBE7042A

Functional foods MTBE7040A

General and Inorganic Chemistry MTB7006A

Industrial microbiology, MTBE7019A

Informatics, MTB7008A

Instrumental analytics MTBE7020A

Introduction to food safety MTBE7004A

Introduction to microbiology MTBE7016A

Mathematics, MTB7005A

Measurement technics and administration, MTBE7022A

Modern bioanalytical methods, MTBE7018A

Molecular and cell biology , MTBE7001A

Nutrition Knowledge, MTBE7038A

Oil and fat technology (MTBE7033A)

Organic chemistry, MTBE7002A

Packaging technology MTBE7039

Physical chemistry MTBE7008A.

Plant Physiology MTB7014A

Processing and preservation of horticultural products, MTBE7028A

Processing Technologies of Agricultural Crops (MTBE7021A)

Professional language skills I. (English) MTB7NY1A

Professional Language Skills II. (English) MTB7NY2A

Quality control of animal origin food products MTBE7037A

Quality control of plant origin food products, MTBE7036A

Raw materials of food processing, MTBE7015A

Regulation and administration of agriculture MTB7029A

Statistics, MTB7028A

Technologies of animal origin foods, MTBE7026A

Technologies of brewing and distilling industries MTBE7032A

Technology of customer goods and confectionery industry, MTBE 7034A

Technology of vegetable oil and animal fat industry, MTBE7033

Technology of wine and soft drinks, MTBE7029A

Theory of measurement and experimental design MTBE7041A

Unit operations in food processing I. MTBE7013A

Unit operations in food processing II. MTBE7017A

Weekly practical assignment 1, MTBE7H1A

Weekly practical assignment 2, MTBE7H2A

Weekly practical assignment 3, MTBE7H3A

Weekly practical assignment 4, MTBE7H4A

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