Thesis information


Thesis is the creative elaboration of a professional task (scientific, research or research development) in written form as defined in the requirements of the training program. By solving the task the student relies on his/her studies using national and international literature under the guidance of a supervisor. By preparing and defending thesis students who complete the program prove that they are capable of the practical applications of the acquired skills, summarizing the work done and its results in a professional way, creatively solving the tasks related to the topic and doing individual professional work.

  1. Registering for the course "Thesis"

If you know which topic you would like to choose or which field of food engineering you are interested in, you should contact an instructor from the Faculty whom you would like as your supervisor. If he/she accepts your topic, you can register for his/her "Thesis" course at the beginning of the semester via the NEPTUN system. You can sign up for the course usually through the Department or the International Office: main building, office 39. (Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management).

  1. Regular consultation with the supervisor

During the semester students have to give account of the current state of the thesis to the tutor.. The grade earned for the "Thesis" course is not identical with the grade received for the final evaluation of thesis. The precondition for completing the course must be negotiated with the supervisor. In general 80% readiness of the thesis is the minimum requirement. The grade earned for the course reflects the process of working on thesis. Grade can be obtained for the course, even without having submitted thesis previously. However, submitting thesis is one of the requirements of taking the state exam.

  1. Submitting thesis

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden!

To be handed in: 

  • 1 bound copy (After the final exam this bound copy is given back to the student. The department stores theses exclusively in electronic version.)

The following must be bound into the thesis (in this sequence):

  1. Thesis
  2. Declaration – signed by the student
  3. Thesis preparation form – signed by the student
  4. (Confidentiality Agreement: only if the company requests it, as the topic is confidential.)
  5. CD of the thesis (see details below)

Thesis in electronic version

The CD/DVD should contain the following data in block capitals (using an alcoholic pen is recommended for writing on the CD):

  • student's name,
  • stundent's Neptun-code,
  • student's major,
  • title of thesis,

Before submitting the thesis you have to upload it to DEA (Debrecen Electronic Data-system). The process of this can be found here:

Some extra info for uploading:

  • don’t write with capital letters, only the first letter
  • when you write your supervisor’s name, don’t use prof, dr, phd etc
  • when they ask about key words, write 3-4 words, which characterises your thesis best. They should be written in a separate line each, under each other by pushing “Add”
  • when you have to summarise your thesis write 6-8 sentences what it is about and click on the “következő” button
  • Browse your thesis in Pdf form with write- and print-protection. If your Pdf file is not protected, then push “A PDF MÁSOLÁS ÉS NYOMTATÁSVÉDETT FORMÁRA ALAKÍTÁSHOZ”, which is in red
  • Check the previous data, and if there is a mistake, you can make corrections by pushing “Helyesbítés”
  • at the point of “Licenc medadása” choose licence type :Creative Commons OR click on the next button
  • click on “Licenc elfogadása” and then click on “Feltöltés befejezése” and log out of DEA

You don’t need to hand in a CD to the library.

Submission deadline for thesis: the date given in the academic calendar of the year  12.00 noon, room 39. Extension to the deadline for the submission of thesis is not possible.

  1.  Improving thesis with a fail mark

If thesis is evaluated with a fail mark by the referee, the head of department may decide to allocate a new referee to review thesis.
If thesis is evaluated with a fail mark by the head of department, the student is not allowed to take the final exam and is supposed to prepare a new thesis.
Conditions on resubmitting thesis are defined by the program coordinator.

The evaluation of the student's thesis (without grade) is prepared by the department, where the thesis was written, no later than five working days before the defense.

Thesis defense takes place in the department, where it was written. The administration of the specific department will inform you in time about the schedule of the defense and if you have any questions regarding the thesis defense, please, contact the administration of that specific department.

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