Our prominents

The excellence of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management are respected active or retired scientists who have achieved outstanding results in the field of agricultural science, in some of its fields, as well as professionals who have greatly contributed to increasing the faculty’s education and research, content standards, at home and abroad. Our excellence is also the staff of the Faculty, who perform their duties with outstanding competence and diligence.

Doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: The rules related to obtaining the title of Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are based on the Statutes and Doctoral Regulations of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The special requirements for the award of the title were determined by the principles developed for each discipline.

The Senate of the University of Debrecen can award the title of Professor Emeritus to those retired university professors who have had nationally and internationally outstanding teaching-researching work and during their career

  • took an outstanding part in developing the content of their subject(s) in the form of book(s), specialized textbook(s) and lecture notes,
  • did an internationally acknowledged academic and scientific work with a rich list of scientific publications in the form of monographies, books, studies and successful scientific projects,
  • both in teaching and research established a new school of thought,
  • had an outstanding part in educating the next generation of teacher-researchers,
  • honored with professional and state awards, as well as acknowledgement from foreign universities (honorary doctoral title, invitations as guest professor, etc..),
  • positions in different professional organizations,
  • gained public appreciation during their careers,
  • as leaders contributed to the development and reputation of the institute,
  • worked as university professors, habilitated college professor and at least for 5 years at the  University of Debrecen or at its legal predecessor,
  • take the responsibilities defined in a separate agreement.

The title of Professor Emeritus is awarded for an indefinite period.

Honoris causa: The aforementioned professors are awarded the title honorary doctor (doctor honoris causa). The title can be earned by internationally recognized scientific work and activities in the interest of the university.

Faculty honors

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