Erasmus for outgoing students

For outgoing students on Erasmus mobility programme

  1. Students who are not on Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship can apply for semester internship (even if in the curriculum the length of internship is 4 or 6 weeks). After successful completion of internship, the student will obtain 15 credit points. During his/her stay abroad, he/she is going to have an active student status at the University of Debrecen and he/she is required to request for individual study plan with which graduation will be possible on time.
  2. Students on Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship are not eligible to take part in Erasmus mobility programme.
  3. Only students who have an active student status in the given semester are eligible to apply for Erasmus mobility programme.
  4. Once a student has been awarded an Erasmus scholarship, he/she is not allowed to request a passive student status. Otherwise, he/she cannot complete the credit points taken at the beginning of the semester and he/she will be supposed to pay back the Erasmus grant.
  5. If a student fails to keep to the Learning Agreement, then he/she will be asked to pay back the Erasmus grant in full.
  6. Before the start of the study abroad programme students are supposed to request a so-called individual study plan (in case of extension, that is to say, in case of a two-semester long study-abroad program, the individual study plan should also be requested for the second semester). Students need to inform the course instructors (home instituition) about the intention of studying abroad. Students are required to consult with the course instructors about details of course completion (for e.g. taking an extra exam, submitting an extra report, etc.). If the course instructor does not approve of the course completed abroad, it can be accepted as an elective unit at the sending instituition.
  7. In view of the fact that according to the curriculum internship should be undertaken in summer time (vacation period), students cannot apply for Erasmus traineeship during the study period.

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For incoming students:

You can find useful and neccesary information regarding your Erasmus mobility here.

The following documents contain all the courses Faculty of Engineering offers for incoming Erasmus students:

At the Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management (Böszörményi street 138) you can find the Study Department in room 39. - Mariett Papp.

The descriptions of some courses can be found on this website: under the menu education/undergraduate programs or education /graduate programs or in "search" function".

For more help turn to Katalin Gargya,

Experiences and photos of incoming and outgoing Erasmus students:

Country City Studnet's name Experiences Photos
Poland Krakkó Lili Toth experiences photos
Poland Poznan Lili Toth experiences photos
the Netherlands Dronten Panna Lőrinczy and Ádám Dézsi experiences photos
Austria Innsbruck Botond Bacsinszki experiences  
Italy Pisa Szabina BettinaKondor experiences photos
Hungary Debrecen Dudková Tereza experiences  
Hungary Debrecen Emma Pointu   photos
Ausztria Wien Himinec Kamilla experiences photos
Ausztria Wien Csicsely Bianka experiences photos

Possible practical places:


Greece, Cyprus




"Estágios" in Portugal:

Placement in Portugal - internship opportunities


Spain"Prácticas" in Spain:


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