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30th March 2022 - SPRING FIESTA: International Cultural Day

On the 30th March 2022, Spring Fiesta intercultural event was organized by Mariett Papp (Faculty Co-ordinator) and Shouparno Dey (1st-year Food Engineering student) in collaboration with the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Engineering in the Main Hall of the Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences, and Environmental Management UD.
The main highlights of the event were traditional foods/sweets of some of the participating countries, traditional costume parades and other talent shows like dancing, and singing! Hungarian folk dancers not only performed folk dances but also engaged the audience to learn a few steps of it!
Around 250 students attended the event, who were all awed at the colourful traditional costumes and wildly cheered each other on the entertaining performances.
Here are some of the moments captured in the event.
Some of the photos were taken by Hang-Kép Egyesület,

See photo galery here.   See even more photos here.



28th February 2022 - International Tea, Coffe and Cookie Party

A delicious and fun way to end the Month of Love
The international students of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science, and Environmental Management joined the Coffee, Tea, Cookies, and Pastries Party on Monday, 28th of February 2022. Following the simple yet successful Tea Party two weeks ago, the Faculty hosted this, another equally-successful event at the small Aula of the Agrar Main Building.
The Party has attracted a crowd of students, mentors, and visitors as it opened before noon on Monday. They were greeted with a broad selection of coffees and teas, and the fitting complement of cookies and pastries specialties of various cultures from all over the world.
Volunteering international students offered their respective countries' specialties and delights that brought joy and life in the hall of the Faculty.
The activity has not only been an instrument of sharing culture, but it has also been a venue for meeting new friends, networking with fellow students, and building camaraderie in the Faculty. The Aula was filled with laughter and fun as everyone was stuffed with delicious foods and drinks.
There were volunteers from Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Morocco, Syria, Nigeria, Philippines, and Tunisia.
The event was organized by Mrs. Mariett Papp, faculty coordinator for international programs, and the active participation of students.
Everyone is indeed looking forward to similar events that would bring enjoyment and strengthen student connections in the Faculty.
What a nice way it is to share one's culture through refreshments and meet new friends!
Article by Roland Fajardo
1st year Animal Husbandry student