Course Descriptions - Food Safety and Quality Engineering MSc

Analytical and microbiological rapid methods, MTMEL7020A

Basics of food microbiology, MTMEL7006

Biosensors and nanotechnology, MTMEL7032A

Environmental Aspects of Food Processing, MTMEL7023A

Essential molecular cell biology, MTMEL7010A

Expectation to foodstuff, consumer protection, MTMEL7002A

Extension knowledge , MTMEL7024A

Food logistics, MTMEL7039A

Food Marketing, MTMEL7005A

Food quality and safety risk analysis, MTMEL7021A

Food safety assesment of agrochemicals, MTMEL7033A

Food toxicology, MTMEL7014A

Food industry management and economics, MTMEL7018A

Hyphenated analytical methods, MTMEL7015A

Innovation management, MTMEL7036AInstrumental analytics I. (Spectroscopyc methods), MTMEL7008

Management and communication, MTMEL7007A

Medicinal plants and their processing, MTMEL7025A

Microbiological aspects of food quality and safety, MTMEL7011A

Molecular background of animal product quality , MTMEL7035A

Molecular biology methods for food authentication, MTMEL7034A

Nutritional genetics and genomics, MTMEL7037A

Nutritional Sciences, MTMEL7009A

Packaging technology, MTMEL7030A

Proteomics in food production, MTMEL7038A

Quality and safety of food technologies (HACCP in practice), MTMEL7004A

Quality control and quality management, MTMEL7012A

Quality control of biological bases, MTMEL7026A

Quality evaluation of food protein, MTMEL7029A

Quality management systems and audit in the food chain, MTMEL7016A

Radiology in food industry, MTMEL7019A

Regulation of food production, quality and safety, MTMEL7013A

Rheology in food testing, MTMEL7022A

Separation techniques, MTMEL7003A

Summer practice, MTMEL7GYA

Traceability in the food chain, MTMEL7017A

The management of value creating processes in the food industry, MTMEL7028A

Theory of measurement and experimental design. MTMEL7001A

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