Course Descriptions - Agricultural Environmental Management MSc

Academic language skills (scientific language), MTM7NY1A

Agricultural biotechnology MTMKG8022A

Agricultural forestry and biomass production, MTMKG8015A

Agro-environmental management - Ecotoxicology, environmental risk assessment, MTMKG8020A

Air quality protection MTMKG8025A

Applied hydrology and hydraulics MTMKG8004A

Circular economy in agriculture MTMKG8005A

Drought and excess water management, melioration MTMKG8014A

Environmental chemistry MTMKG8001A

Environmental impact assessment and environmental modeling, MTMKG8008A

Environmental Measurement Techniques, MTMKG8012A

Environmental planning, land consolidation, landscape conservation, MTMKG8018A

Environmental policy, law and sectoral administration MTMKG8012A

Environmental technologies I: Soil remediation, MTMKG8011A

Environmental technologies II – Aerobic and anerobic techological systems, MTMKG8013A

Farm Business Management and Project Management, MTMKG8019A

Nature conservation ecology, MTMKG8007A

Noise and vibration protection MTMKG8026A

Professional language skills (business language), MTM7NY2A

Physical and chemical methods of environmental technology MTMKG8006A

Precision agriculture MTMKG8010A

Remote sensing, MTMKG8023A

Research methodology, scientific communication, MTMKG8024A

Soil physics and geohydrology MTMKG8002A

Waste management in agriculture and food industry MTMKG8017A

Waste water and slurry management MTMKG8009A

Water quality management MTMKG8016A


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