Graduation ceremony


The graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental  Management is: see Academic Calendar

Venue: University of Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1, Main Building, Main Campus.

Preparations may last long (e.g. collecting the graduation gown (free of charge), signing the relevant documents).

Therefore, you are kindly asked to appear in the Main Building of the University at 8.30 a.m. on the ground floor (next to buffet and cloakroom).

First step after arrival: signing the relevant documents.

Gowns will need to be returned after the end of the ceremony.

A sheet of paper with your full name on it will designate your seat. You are kindly requested not to change seats with one another.

Dress code: As this is a special and formal occasion you are kindly requested to wear something smart.

Duration of the ceremony: 1,5 - 2 hours

Language of the ceremony: mainly Hungarian and English

The ceremony will be screened live here:  

Information on graduation ceremony photos is available here:

Mobile phones should be on silent during the ceremony.

Schedule/structure of the ceremony: opening remarks, degree certificates are being awarded to graduands, prizes are being awarded to staff and students, closing session

 Information on Visa Support Letter

If you intend to invite family members to the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental  Management and if you need to apply for Visa, please contact Mr Ádám Losonczi ( ) in the Coordinating Center for International Education, Room 207 (4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 94.).
On request a so-called visa support letter can be issued which can be helpful during the Visa application process.
The following data are necessary

  • Family member's full name (as in his/her passport)
  • His/her passport number
  • Type of relation (mother, father, etc.)
  • Duration of his/her stay (maximum 1 month, for example between 15 June and 15 July 2019)

Another type of visa support letter (which contains the following information: elibility for graduation in the particular semester, date of state exam, date of graduation ceremony) should be requested in the International Office, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental  Management.

Registering your intentions for your graduation ceremony

Graduating students can choose to attend the ceremony or receive their degree in absence.

Please email us (International Office, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental  Management) or inform us personally whether you want to attend the ceremony or not.

If you cannot attend the ceremony, please get in touch with us so that we can arrange for your degree certificate to be collected in person in the Faculty Education Office. In this case graduands are required to fill out a form/a declaration (here) and return it to International Office, Faculty of Engineering. If you cannot collect your degree certificate in person, you can nominate someone to collect it on your behalf. In this case (apart from the aforementioned form/declaration) the authorisation form needs to be completed. The form is available Here.

Please note at our faculty it is not possible to send degree certificates to you by post.

Please note graduands must return all books on loan and pay all outstanding charges (tuition fees, unpaid items on Neptun) before the end of their course or before they leave, otherwise they will not be permitted to take the state exam in the given semester. Those who fail to return their books will be charged for the cost of replacement. In the case of those graduating the books must be returned, or the cost of replacement paid, and all other outstanding charges paid until the last working day before the state exam.

Last but not least please check your personal data on Neptun under "My data", "Personal information" (for e.g. full name, mother’s name, place of birth, etc.) and training program's name and specialization's name (under "Studies", "Training Data") because the data on your degree certificate will be retrieved from Neptun. Also, please check your contact details on Neptun under "My data", "Contact information" (for e.g. home address, email address, phone number etc.). Should anything be missing or false, please contact your administrator from International Office, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental  Management.

Name pronunciation (Source: University of Bristol)

Please come personally to the office to help us pronounce your full name correctly at the graduation ceremony.
If you cannot come personally, please email us.
How does your name sound?
For e.g. “Xin” would be pronounced as [Shin], “Ubaidah” as [Oo-BAY-dah]
first name:
middle name:
family name:

Please also indicate which parts of your name should be pronounced at the ceremony.

After you have received the degree certificate

Only one original copy of the degree certificate is issued. Upon the student's special request a certified true copy of the degree certificate (along with diploma supplement) can be requested in HKSZK -Peter Veres Dormitory, ground floor 16. For certification/attestation the original degree certificate and the diploma supplement should be submitted to HKSZK - Peter Veres Dormitory, ground floor 16.

In case the student loses his/her degree certificate, upon his/her special request another one will be issued in HKSZK  - Peter Veres Dormitory, ground floor 16.

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