Institute of Horticultural Science

About us

The head of the Institute is Prof. Dr. Imre Holb, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The fruit production group is coordinated by Dr. István Gonda, professor emeritus. The main research topics focus on the intensification of the applied fruit production technology (apple, stone fruits) and comparison of the environmental friendly technologies (integrated and organic).

Plantations and fruit cultivar collections of the Pallag Experimental Station serves for practical educations and research tasks, where 54 apple, 72 sweet cherry, 18 sour cherry, 43 apricot, 68 peach and 34 plum cultivars can be found. The Station has also an advisory function, as over 1000 producers visit the experimental orchards annually in order to get information related to new cultivars, new technological approaches and recommendations for orchard plantations.

The vegetable group is led by Takácsné dr. habil Hájos Mária, associate professor. The 0.8 hectare experimental garden is located in the University Campus which serves for practical educations, where more than 50 cultivated vegetable species and 45 herb species can be found. Students in MSc and BSc courses take part in the propagation, cultivation and harvest work, too.

Viticulture education and research is led by Dr. Nándor Rakonczás, senior lecturer. The cultivar collection of the Pallag Experimental Station contains 50 table grapes, 73 white wine grapes, 29 red wine grapes cultivars, and 43 rootstocks in a 0.5 hectare plantation. Students can also get practical experiences about production technology of table grapes (0.5 hectares).

Ornamental plant research and education is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Péter Lévai and Anikó Zsiláné André.

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