Department of Nature Protection Zoological and Wild Management

About us

Our Department is one of the founders of the University (formally known as Agricultural College of Debrecen and Agricultural University of Debrecen). The name of the Department had changed with time, representing the ever widening portfolio of the Courses offered. From the very first start the Course “Agricultural Zoology” has been taught by the so called Department of Zoology. The Department has grown and evolved quite a bit. Currently our Colleagues are involved with the following Courses; Zoology, Ecology, Conservation Biology and related subjects. These courses are representing the actual variety of available lectures for the students.

After the foundation of the Faculty back in 1970 the Colleagues of our Department delved into the area of Hortobágy where they carried out Ornithology, Insectology and Coenology researches that provoked attention and led to the foundation of the National Park. Professor Mr. Zoltán SIROKI and Dr. Béla KOVÁCS had done a tremendous job in exploring the intrinsic values of its Fauna. The recent structure of the Department has been formed in 2000 by the Head of Department, Dr. Lajos JUHÁSZ. The Department’s oldest and continuously offered Course is the Nature Conservation.

The Nature Consevation Engineer Bsc was launched form 2002 with the support of the Ministry of Education being the first Institution offering such Degree. The Wildlife Management Engineering College Degree was launched from 1998 and on Bachelor level since 2006 also offering state-funded and correspondence training. In 2005 we initiated the foundation of the Master Degree for Nature Protection Engineer starting from 2008 with state-funded and correspondence training options. This Master's degree program provokes massive attention within students from different Faculties of Natural Sciences from Hungarian universities.

Each year, a reasonable number of researches are being presented at the Scientific Student's Association’s Session, some of them  make it to the National Conference of Scientific Students' Association (National Round) with prestigious rankings. It is our very student who has been awarded the most prestigious student prize, the gold medal of PRO SCIENCIA.

Our Department has strong and good connections with Professional Companies, Research Institutes and National Park Directories and NGOs. Supporting our students with the opportunity of practical experiences is of key importance for them to find their future in the job market. The Outplaced Departments help to achieve this aim.

Until now the following Institutions have joined: Aggtelek National Park Directorate, Hortobágy National Park Directorate, Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park, National Agriculture Research and Innovation Centre and Nyírerdő Forest Management Company. The leaders of these institutions are also visiting lecturers at our Department.

Our main research focus is on Conservation Biology (especially, effects of urbanization on bird species diversity, monitoring the population dynamics of forest bird and mammal species, Urban Wild Management).

Our ultimate goal is to provide skilled professionals to the very best companies, NGOs and State Institutions.

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