Useful information about the exam period and the end of the study period

Courses ending with mid-semester grades:

Please make sure that your mid-semester grades and signatures (e.g. Physical Education) show in Neptun until the end of the study period or no later than the end of the third week in the exam period. In case something is missing or false, contact the course instructor.


"If the course program requires a mid-term exam and the student fails to fulfill this, the given department provides an occasion to repeat it in the academic term-time. If the student fails again, a new occasion must be offered until the end of the third week of the exam period to repeat the midterm exam." (see Rules and Regulations, Article 8 Course requirements). If you fail to complete a course due to the excess of the maximum absences, you cannot obtain credits for the course." The permitted number of absences from these classes shall be three absences per semester in case of subjects with weekly practical classes, and two absences in case of subjects with practical classes every two weeks." (see Rules and Regulations, Special Provisions for the Faculty of Agricultural, Food Science and Environmental Management, Section 6).


Offered grades:

If you have an offered grade in Neptun, you can accept it or decline it under "Subjects", and then "Offered grades" until the end of the examination period. If you fail to make a statement by the deadline, the course will be "not completed". 

If you have an offered grade in Neptun, you should not register for the exam date in Neptun because you will not be able to accept it (exam registration blocks approving an offered grade).


General deadlines in the exam period:

Exam registration: until noon on the day before the exam

Exam deregistration: until 0.00 (midnight) on the day before the exam

 If the exam is on Monday, exam registration is possible until Friday noon of the previous week, and exam deregistration is until Thursday 24.00 (= Friday 0.00) of the previous week.

If the exam is on Friday, exam registration is possible until Thursday noon, and exam deregistration is until Wednesday 24.00 (= Thursday 0.00).

Exam registration/exam deregistration is not possible after the deadlines.


Information on exam registration (e.g. number of exam attempts, retake exam fee):

Please do not forget to register for the exams on Neptun. Without exam registration, you are not allowed to sit for the exam. If you have signed up for an exam previously but failed to deregister on time, it counts as an attempt. In this case, the note “missed” will be submitted on Neptun. Exam registration is possible with a signature in Neptun. Only students who do not have outstanding charges (e.g. unpaid items on Neptun) are allowed to register for exams. Exam registration in Neptun: Under “Exams”, then “Exam registration”. 

Within one examination period, a student has a maximum of three attempts: exam, retake exam, and repeated retake exam. The maximum number of examination dates per subject/course shall be three. If you select the third exam date as your first attempt, then you should be aware that this will be your last chance in the given examination period. After the retake exam (second exam registration), you must pay an exam fee (3,000 HUF). Ensure there is enough money in your Neptun account because transferring money may take at least three working days. If you have already taken the exam and the retake exam (in one subject/course), you have to pay for all further exam opportunities (exam registrations in previous examination periods count). An exam grade can be improved only in the given examination period. Improvement in another examination period is not possible. 


Rules and Regulations (Article 21, „Retaking a Successful Exam for a Better Grade ” page 65)

(1) If students wish to improve the grade or assessment they have already received, they may do so in a maximum of two subjects per semester and once per subject within the examination period. The grade received at the make-up examinations shall be final, except if it is a fail, which may be then improved in another retake.

 (2) The grade received after the retake of a passed examination may not be improved any further.

Rules and Regulations (Article 19, "The Order of Examinations")

(7) "Students may submit a written proof of an excuse for missing an examination within three working days at the Education Office (that is to say International Office, Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management). If they manage to do so, the office shall delete their registration for the examination. Missing an exam shall not influence the assessment of the student's knowledge. If students fail to appear for the examination, their knowledge may not be assessed."

(8) "Missing an examination without a legitimate cause shall result in recording "failed to appear" in the academic system. In such a case students shall have missed one potential chance for taking the examination during the semester at all, the record "failed to appear" shall be entered in their lecture book, too, by the Education Office (that is to say International Office, Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management). If the student does not sign up for an examination during the examination period or signs up but fails to appear, a "not completed" entry is to be input into the academic system." 


Please see the guideline “paying_via_neptun_24_july.pdf” here (in case paying the retake exam fee or any other related fee is necessary): (on the right, at the bottom of the page)


End of semester:

A few days after the end of the exam period the semester will close and the grade average for the current semester will be calculated in Neptun. Therefore, please ensure that all the necessary grades, and signatures for the courses taken in the current semester have been entered. Results of the current semester should be checked in Neptun under "Studies", and then "Gradebook" (semester: choose the relevant semester). If something is missing or false, contact the course instructor. 

Exceptional case: Internship. As students undertake internships in the summer, signatures (after successful completion of the internship period) will be entered in Neptun at the beginning of September.

If all the necessary grades have been submitted in Neptun before the end of the examination period, upon the student's request (e.g. to issue a transcript of records) the semester can be closed on Neptun. In this case please ask your administrator from the International Office, Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management to close the semester on Neptun.

Last but not least, please check your Neptun messages and emails daily. Please ensure that your email address on Neptun (under “My data”, “Contact information”, and “Email addresses”) is up-to-date. Amend it if necessary because Neptun messages are automatically forwarded to the email address provided on Neptun.


For detailed information on the exam period please read the following sections in Rules and Regulations:

Rules and Regulations 

Chapter III: Provisions about the testing and assessing of knowledge (p. 20-25.)

 Verification of completion: p. 40.

 Closing the performance evaluation: p. 41.

 Certification of completion: p. 42.

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