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Rules of Credit Transfer

- During your academic studies (BSc or MSc program alike) you can initiate credit transfer on the basis of your previous academic studies only once. Therefore, you can submit a 'Credit Transfer Request Form' during your bachelor/master program only once. Later on submitting a credit transfer request form will not be possible any more. Each additional request form will be rejected.

- The deadline for submitting a 'Credit Transfer Request Form' is 12 o'clock noon on the first Friday of the 1st semester study period in your training program.

- If you are a late comer, the deadline for submitting a 'Credit Transfer Request Form' is 12 o'clock noon on the 21st day after the date of activating student status on Neptun.

- Decision on submitted credit transfer request forms is made by the program coordinator on the basis of course content, credit points and grade.

- By calculating the estimated end date of your studies at our university please consider that high credit points from your earlier studies do not necessarily mean that you can finish your studies earlier. For e.g. if you have  completed 75 credit points within 3 semesters on your previous bachelor program and you would like to continue your studies at UD on the same program, it may take longer than 4 semesters to finish your studies. As in our curricula some of the subjects are built upon each other, if a basic subject is not accepted, you may need a few semesters to complete the prerequisites.

IMPORTANT! To avoid illegible entries please fill out the form electronically! Only electronically completed request forms can be accepted. Paper-based request forms have to be handed in with the original signature of the student!

Deadline for submitting credit transfer request forms: in the 1st week of the registration period

Last update: 2022. 08. 08. 08:42