Important information for Graduands

Important Information for Graduands

Sign up for the state exam in the Neptun system.

If you take nonfinal year courses, inform the instructors that you are a graduating student.


In order to take the state exam, please note:

  • You don't have unpaid items (tuition fees, library fines).
  • You have every grade in Neptun until the end of October/May.
  • You have a signature from Work and Fire Safety Training.
  • You have a signature from two semesters of Physical Education (for BSc students) and one semester of PE (for MSc students).
  • You completed 6 credit points of optional courses for Food BSc / 10 credits for Food MSc / 6 credits for Animal Husbandry MSc / 6 credits for Agr. Environmental MSc / 6 credits for Agr. Water Man. MSc / 12 credits for Plant Protection MSc.

State exam date:

If you cannot sit for the state exam, inform the Office for International Studies, office 39., ground floor, Faculty of Agricultural-, Food Sciences and Environmental Management).

Last update: 2023. 10. 20. 09:13