Research- Department of Nature Protection Zoological and Wild Management

The Department of Nature Conservation Zoology and Game Management deals with scientific research and consulting in zoology conservation biology and wildlife management in Eastern Hungary. The faculty has research connections with National Parks, National Inspectorates For Environment and Nature and Nature Conservation NGOs.

Research topics of the staff

  • Dr. Lajos Juhász Ph.D.
    • Ornitological researches in the Southern part of the Nyírség (Hungary)
    • Nesting ecology of hole nesting birds, songbird migration studies
    • Urbanization of bird species
    • Monitoring of fishes, amphibians and reptiles in the region
  • Dr. Péter Gyüre Ph.D.
    • Waterbird monitoring in the Hortobágy (Hungary)
    • Wild goose monitoring
    • Agricultural impact of goose species
    • The role of waterbirds in  the seed dispersal
  • Dr. Lajos Kozák Ph.D.
    • Population genetics of Badger
    • Urban ecological researches of Bat species
    • Research of soil-living invertebrates
    • Testing of stink insect traps
  • Dr. László Kövér Ph.D.
    • Urbanization of Hooded Crow
    • Using traps in management of corvid species
    • Genetic researches of urban living Hooded Crows
  • Dr. László Szendrei Ph.D.
    • Researches of Bereg type Red Deer
    • Quail monitoring
    • Parasitology of Common Pheasant
    • Genetic variation of Brown Hare in Central and Eastern Europe
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