Animal Genomics Research Team

Tasks and research portfolio of the research team:

  • Marker-based and genome selection studies on farm animal breeds.
  • Unique identification and tracing, pedigree testing, validation of breeding documentation with molecular genetic tools.
  • Genetic and genomic diversity, phylogenetic studies on farm and wild animal species.
  • Support of gene reserve protection and nature conservation programs with molecular genetic tools. 
  • Gene expression investigations and studies in basic research and product development (eg. animal health, nutrition, husbandry technology development).
  • Nutrigenomic and nutrigenetic investigations.
  • Embryo genetic and genomic investigations for increasing the efficiency of assisted reproductive systems. 
  • Animal Health screenings, diagnoses. 
  • Marker developments related to „Molecular breeding”.
  • Epigenetic research. 
  • Research on mycotoxins in feeds and with regard to farm animals.
Last update: 2022. 08. 01. 19:31