Agricultural Laboratory Center

The Central Laboratory of the University of Debrecen is accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Hungary according to the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 standard from 1993. The Laboratory is registered as a research infrastructure in the national NEKIFUT infrastructure database.

The activity of the Laboratory covers

  • Physical and chemical examination of different plants, feed raw materials, grains, mixed and preserved feed, food raw materials, food, sampling of different products from agriculture and food industry.
  • Sampling, physical and chemical examination of soil.
  • Sampling and quality determination of different grains, physical, chemical and rheological, baking quality examination of wheat flour according to the Hungarian and international standards.
  • Determination of elemental composition of water, waste water, sludge.
  • Microbiological examinations of food and feed materials.

For these activities the laboratory is equipped with modern apparats, like automatic equipments (TECATOR) for the determination of protein-, oil-, and fibre content. We apply Perten instruments for the quality determination of wheat (Glutomatic, Falling number determination, Inframatic) and Brabender Farinograph, and Chopin Alveograph for rheological analyses. For the analysis of organic micro-components, like amino acids, mycotoxins, we are working with automatic amino acid analyser, gas chromatographs, and liquid phase chromatographs (HPLC). For the determination of elemental composition ICP spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, and an Elementar CNS Analyser are available.

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