Research- Institute of Plant Protection

Research fields

  • General plant pathology (pathogenesis, epidemiology) of papilionaceous plants (e.g. soybean, chickpea, lupine), small grains (wheat Fusarium stem base diseases, bunts), and fruits (apple, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry)
  • Ecology of diseases of sunflower and soybean.
  • Taxonomy and pathology of Phoma-like fungi (Coelomycetes).
  • Replanting problems and fireblight IPM in apple orchards.
  • Use of Trichodermaspecies int he biological control against Rhizoctoniasolani.
  • Plant protection againstBotrytis cinerea.
  • Studies on the pests of wheat, maize, sunflower, papillionaceous plants,pea, onion, hemp and apple orchards.
  • Taxonomy of Coleoptera (Melolonthidae, Elateridae, Carabidae, Curculionidae) and Lepidoptera species.
  • Influences of agrotechnique, plant order on soil-inhabitant pests.
  • Effect of the landscape structure on the population dynamic and diversity of pests and beneficial organisms.
  • Chemical ecology of pests, pheromones of Coleoptera and Lepidoptera species.
  • Forecasting and expert systems in plant protection.
  • Studies on the ecosystems in apple orchards
  • Taxonomy of Coccinellidae and Chrysopidae. Distribution of the Chrysoperlacarnea complex in Hungary and Europe. Enzymological characterization of acetylcholinesterases of the Chrysoperlacarnea complex.
  • Evaluation of pesticide side-effects on Chrysoperlacarnea, Chrysopaperla, Coccinellaseptempunctata and Forficulaauricularia. Enzymological characterization of acetylcholinesterases of the same species.
  • Pesticide sensitivity of stored product pests (Triboliumspp.; Tenebrionidae)
  • Efficiency of plant extracts on pests.
  • Mode of action of the different fractions of Bacillusthuringiensis subsp. israelensis proteinaceousparasporal bodies. Field and laboratory evaluation of Bti and Btk preparations.
  • Taxonomical and ecological studies on mosquitoe species.
  • Chemical and biological control of mosquitoes. Population dynamics of Hungarian mosquito species.
  • Investigation of subpopulations and biological control of the chestnut blight fungus (Cryphonectriaparasitica) in Hungary and in the Carpathian basin.
  • Plant pathology of the Castaneasativain the Charpathian basin.
  • Plant pathogenfungies in the biological weed control: isolation, studies and technological investigations.
  • Allelopathy and competitiveability of cockleburs (Xanthium spp.) and velvetleaf (Abutilontheophrasti), and changes of allelopathyindependence of environmentalconditions.
  • Weed control of maize, sunflower, wheat and rape.

Research groups

  • Mycological Research Group(diagnostics, taxonomy, epidemiology, IPM)
  • Plant Protection Zoology Research Group(Taxonomy and ecology of Chrysoperla sp., light trapping, distribution of Agriotespests, studies on the use of insect pheromones and different attractants in the insect trapping, studies onHomopteraspecies)
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Research Group (Use of hypovirulentCryphonectriaparasitica in the IPM of Castaneasativa, allalopathy in weeds and crops, development of weed control methodology and use of herbicides)
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