Information about the program (Agricultrual Engineer)

Name of the training program Agricultural Engineer’s Program
Level Undergraduate
Qualification  Agricultural Engineer
Mode of attendance Full-time
Faculty Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Mangement
Institute Institute of Crop Sciences
Program coordinator Dr. József Csajbók,  Associate Professor
Program length 7 semesters
Credits total 180+30

About the course:

In the agricultural engineering undergraduate course , students learn about different areas of the agricultural sector, gain insight into crop production, animal husbandry, and also gain unique agrotechnical knowledge (e.g., horticultural, fish farming, forestry, environmental, and game management knowledge). Students also acquire knowledge of science, technology, agriculture, and economics, which makes them agricultural professionals with general skills in agricultural production, processing, and farming.

What does the degree offer me?

  • prinicples of sustainable agriculture
  • extensive knowledge of science, production technology and economics
  • skills in precision farming and biotechnology
  • practical experience
  • profeesional study tours and farm economics practices

Internship, practice: Students should complete a 12-week professional practice in the last semester.

Areas of Study:

Zoology, Agricultural chemistry, Agricultural botany, Animal physiology, Organic and biochemistry, Agricultural and food industrial microbiology, Plant physiology, Soil science, Water management, Environmental management, Land use and regional development, Agricultural machinery, Economic sciences, Crop production, Agrochemistry, Agroecology, Feeding for animals, Animal husbandry, Horticulture, Plant genetics and plant breeding, Animals health, Food technologies, Quality management, Farm business management, Forest and game management, Grassland management, Integrated plant protection


Undergraduates may find employment in agricultural enterprises, even in management positions, in the field of agricultural advisory and administration,  in research institutes, in your own farms, in advocacy organisations.

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