Internships in Food Engineer BSc

Internships in Food Engineer BSc

I. Practice Types

Practice Training for BSc Students in Food Engineering:

1. Professional (summer) practice

  • 60-60 hours of professional (operational) practice after the second and fourth semesters. The schedule of the practice can be found in the curriculum.

2. Practice of the 7th semester

  • production practice, with a length of 12 weeks (560 hours, 8hours/day, Monday-Friday) in the 7th semester, during which a full account (report) of the plant is made and a presentation is made.

II. Aim of the Internships

The purpose of the practice is to familiarize students with the system of food processing, certification, quality control or official control, with the daily tasks, administration, management and work organization issues during these activities.

In accordance with the chosen practice place, the tasks to be performed and the activities are carried out under the direction and supervision of the person in charge of the practice site.

Students get to know:

  • the daily practice of certain food industry tasks,
  • similarities and differences between theory and practice,
  • workflows through direct participation in exercises,
  • the importance of individual and team work, the process of individual and team work.

III. Organization

The selection of practice places is the responsibility of the students, for which help can be provided by the instructors of the programs. The location of the practice, the planned date of completion, the position in practice and the name of the practice supervisor at the practical place shall be provided to the supervisors on the form in Annex 1. Institute leaders will decide on the appropriateness of the practical place and task.

The task of organizing the daily tasks and checking the work of the students is the responsibility of the practice supervisors. They control and verify participation, as well as grade the professional attitudes and activities of the students.

IV. Guide, information

At the beginning of the semester, students will be provided with oral information on the practices to be completed during the semester, or additional information will be provided by the supervisors or their representatives upon request.

V. Cooperation Agreement

If required by the company, the cooperation agreement for the practice related to the degree programs must be prepared according to the current regulations of the faculty.

VI. Control

During the practice, the practice supervisor checks daily participation in the practices. If the student does not appear at the scheduled time and does not make up for his / her absence, the end-of-term signature will be denied and the practice must be repeated. Participation in the exercises can be monitored by the relevant instructors or checked on the spot.

VII. Evaluation, thesis

1. During summer internships, students spend 60-60 hours in two semesters. In order to accept the practice in Neptun, the student must prepare a written report. The formal and content requirements of the report: 7-10 pages, which must be covered by the student's email address as well. It must include the presentation of the practical place (plant, office, etc.), its structure and activities related to the food industry. The tasks performed should be described in detail (the student should emphasize what he / she has done personally), ), the daily work processes should be presented, as well as the description of the technological processes, including the work organization, management, administration and other processes. Practical supervisors also sign the last page of the practical report. The proof of performance must be accompanied by an official certificate, written and signed by the training site, containing the name of the place of practice, the place, time and name of the student doing the practice.

2. Students spend the 7th semester practice under operating conditions. At this point, they will learn the full structure of the production units that receive them, and add more information to their professional knowledge. The semester is co-ordinated through MAG Praktikum (  or Beata Bittner: ) where reports, uploaded by the given time, will be evaluated and accepted by the supervisor. The closing of the 7th semester ends with the presentation presented at the department, where the knowledge and experience gained during the semester is presented. During the lecture, the student should also indicate what he / she has done personally during his / her practice.

VIII. Host Declaration

Since the 7th semester is organized through MAG Praktikum, the Receiver's statement and the student's professional report are collected there as well.

IX. Declaration of performance

1. The completion of the summer internship is certified by the supervisor signing the completed report; the company confirms the completion of the practice in an official statement. Based on these, Professional Practice I and II. (BSc) will be signed (certified) by the responsible person for the subject in the NEPTUN system in order to obtain the credit for the subjects.

2. The certification of the 7th semester is the responsibility of the supervisor through the MAG Praktikum system.

X. Deadlines

Deadline for submission of practical application announcement sheets 31st May, Institute of Food Science (G. office 102.), Tünde Simon, where Prof. Dr. Béla Kovács (G. 101. office) will accept the chosen place.

Deadline for submission of the certificate of performance and professional report: 15 October, location: Institute of Food Technology (A. 119 office), Máté Szarvas.

Additional formal requirement: Please submit a certificate of performance and report in 1 genotherm.

Neptun: Admission of appropriate practical subjects is required in the autumn semester, signing of the subjects is possible only after receipt and verification of all documents.

Dr. Péter Sipos

associate professor, responsible for the subject

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