Guidelines for Conformity

Dear Students,

We are very pleased to welcome you all as students of the Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management at the University of Debrecen!
We hope you will find good opportunities at the University of Debrecen and will have such experiences that will determine your future. We would like to contribute to your conformity with these lines and some pieces of information so that you - having arrived from different countries and cultures - could get acclimated to our educational trainings and with the international students from more than one hundred foreign countries. 

  • The International Office (Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management) provides office hours for the administration of course registration or the procedure of transferring previously completed courses, requesting certificates for students or Transcript of Records. Further details about the programmes and documents are available here.
  • Universities in Hungary correlated to other universities in Western Europe and Europe have different traditions and rules. They are summarized briefly below to promote your integration: 
  1. Lectures and seminars start on time. Therefore, students have to arrive before the starting time. Being late is treated as an absence or a student arriving late is not allowed to take part in class.
  2. Students may not disturb a lecture or a practical class with talking, they cannot leave the room during a class. 
  3. The use of a mobile phone and other electric tools or aids is not allowed on test writing. The use of them or cheating is a disciplinary offence, therefore an instructor can initiate disciplinary proceedings. 
  4. Students cannot question an instructor’s decision or his/her instructions, get into an argument with him/her. Afterwards a student can initiate the investigation of the case and he/she can introduce his/her complaints and arguments.
  5. The behavioural standards for students and instructors are specified in the Code of Conduct, that can be downloaded from here:
  • The Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management initiates disciplinary proceedings against students who do not follow the behavioural standards as specified in Rules of Discipline and Restitution, see it here:  Rules and Regulations
  • Students’ rights and obligations are ruled by Rules and Regulations of the University of Debrecen. See further information here: Rules and Regulations

We hope that your conformity will be part of a pleasant process with learning and accepting our traditions and rules and you will be a full member of the University of Debrecen.

Best regards,

International Office 

Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management

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