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Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management at University of Debrecen.

Advanced-level agricultural education offered in Hungarian initially started at the predecessor of our faculty, in 1868. Its influence covered the entire territory of historical Hungary. Several educators from the institution gained international reputations. In addition to their own research, they drew experience from renowned international practices. Our current instructors continue to work in this tradition of excellence. In addition to applying for national research support, they successfully compete successfully for European resources.

Our training and degree programs cover the entire spectrum of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including doctoral and postgraduate specialized training programs. Learning is a lifelong venture and knowledge requires continuous renewal. We believe we have to know the past, in order to have an innovative approach to the future and to find solutions to problems.

Our faculty emphasizes the practical side of domestic relations and educational and research-related international relations. We have to know what foreign competitors teach and the competence professionals are expected to have to practice their professions, because Hungarian agricultural professionals not only compete with domestic experts, but with international professionals, as well.

Agriculture, with its biological and technological subsystems, is an environment we have to manage economically and successfully. The understanding of this context including its several variables and the interconnections of these variables provides students an opportunity that they can utilize in the wide-ranging fields of the economy.

Prof. Dr. habil István Komlósi

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