Dear Students,
This page provides important information concerning the semester start.
Please read it through carefully.


Registration period (Choosing active or passive student status):  7 February 2023, 8.00. a.m. –  21 February 2023, 23:59. Registration is possible even if you have not completed your exam period yet.

After the deadline, registering for a course is possible by submitting a ‘Late subject registration’ form, which you can find here (, and by completing a payment to Neptun. Late course registration fee: 1500.- Ft/course, late course deregistration fee: 3.000.-Ft/course. Submission of applications: Mariett Papp (, until 28 February 2023. After this, course (de)registration is not possible.

Course registration/deregistration period for Physical Education: 8 February (8:00) – 26 February 2023. More information:


1st step:  Registration on Neptun: Students do the registration in Neptun on their own (under Administration, then Enrollment/Registration, Choose the relevant semester, Enroll, Term status: Active or Passive). Registration is obligatory, and passive status should be registered, as well. If a student has unpaid items in Neptun or he/she has pending tuition fees, selecting active/passive student status and course selection will not be possible.

All students do subject registration on their own. In case you have any kind of Neptun technical problem related to subject registration, please contact your faculty administrator at She will remove the technical failure so that you can complete subject registration on your own.

2nd step: Subject registration in Neptun: “Subjects” - “Register for subjects”. Note: On the right there is a drop down menu where the curriculum can be selected on Neptun. Please do not forget to register for both lecture and practice/seminar if both of them are available. Please always read the "note" and "description" fields on Neptun which contain essential technical information about the course. If for some reasons subjects do not appear in your timetable on Neptun, please check time and venue of the class under “Subjects”, “Registered subjects”, then click on the “Subject name”.

Exam course: please contact the course instructor or the department. (An exam course does not have scheduled classes. It is an opportunity for students who have already obtained the signature in a course but have not received a grade. Students can take the exam of the particular exam course in the examination period. 

Guide for finding lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories in the Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management: Classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories


University of  or

Instructors' contact:

English page of the Faculty of Agricultural, Food Sciences and Environmental Management:

Curriculums: Curriculum

Neptun user guide:

How to pay via Neptun: (under „Belépés/Log in”, „Hallgatói/Student”, „Letölthető dokumentumok”, the very last document at the bottom: „paying via Neptun”)


According to Rules and Regulations of the University of Debrecen students have to complete optional (elective) courses during their Bachelor or Master training. Optional subjects can be completed in any semester, when they are announced.
You can see in the following table (and in the curriculum of your program) how many credit points you have to gain from optional subjects.

Major Credits total Credits of optional subjects
Food Engineering BSc 210 6
Food Safety and Quality Engineering MSc 120 10
Animal Husbandry Engineering MSc 120 6
Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering MSc 120 6
Agricultrual Water Management Engineering MSc 120 6
Plant Protection MSc 120 12

A credit transfer request form has to be filled out (electronically, course codes and course titles have to be copied from the curriculum) and submitted along with a copy of the transcript of records and course descriptions. Deadline: 20th September or 20th February.

Details: Transfer information

 Credit transfer request forms can be downloaded here.

Transfer students can transfer no more than 60% of the total credits of the particular program and are expected to complete at least 40% of the total credits of the particular program at the University of Debrecen.


Should you have any problems relating to PE registration (subject code on Neptun: SI-003, Subject registration in Neptun under “All other subjects in the institution”), please turn to Mrs Annamária Sághy Süvöltős in person in the subject registration period for PE in the Coordinating Centre for Sports Science in Room 7 on the first floor (Egyetem tér, Main Campus, next to the football fields and the running track):

In case you sign up for Unifit Fitness through Neptun, please find detailed information here:

Taking the course Physical Education is compulsory for graduation:
For BSc students: 2 semesters of PE
For MSc students: 1 semester of PE

Further information on Physical Education here: Physical Education


First-year students have to complete the course, called Work and Fire Safety in the first semester of their studies so that later laboratory practical classes can be taken.

Subject code: MUNKAVEDELEM (Subject registration on Neptun under “All other subjects in the institution”), Course code: ENGLISH
BSc: registration and completion are necessary for graduation
MSc: registration and completion are necessary only if BSc diploma has been awarded outside of the University of Debrecen
Completion: online
Login: Neptun ID plus password
Please read the material until the end to get the signature on Neptun for the completion of the course.
Information on Work and Fire Safety on our homepage here: Work and Fire Safety Course/ Occupational safety course


Please check your Neptun messages and emails on a daily basis because they are primary means of information channel at the university.
Please ensure that your email address on Neptun (under “My data”, “Contact information”, “Email addresses”) is up-to-date. Amend it if necessary because most Neptun messages (sent by lecturers, administrators) are automatically forwarded to the email address given in Neptun. Automatic Neptun messages (grade modifications, exam date announcement, subject/course registration) are not necessarily forwarded to your email address. On Neptun under "Messages" (menu bar on the left), please select "Settings", then "Message Forwarding". Here you can select what type of Neptun messages (for e.g. messages concerning exam grade registration, messages concerning subject/course registration) you wish to be forwarded to your email address indicated on Neptun.

Please also check your personal data on Neptun (for e.g. first name, family name, mother’s name, country of birth, place of birth, etc...) under “My data”, “Personal information”. Shoulde anything be missing or wrong, please contact us.

Kind regards,

Study Department, Faculty of Agricultural, Food Science and Environmental Management

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